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You can choose how your fairy is dressed, the colour of her hair and even which glitter you would like on her wand. Dinah makes fairies as presents for a bride to give her bridesmaids, using the left over pieces of material from the actual dresses and veils. She will send mystery Valentine fairies, Happy Birthday fairies, and Get Well Fairies to a friend in hospital, instead of a bouquet, .


All fairies are made with a long gold or silver thread and a ring attached, so if for a small child, they can be hung up in the nursery and watched rather than played with.  Then when grown up, the child can put their fairy on their own Christmas tree, for their own children to enjoy.  They become cherished family heirlooms. 

To order your fairy, email Dinah at and let her know what you would like. 


Fairies are 6” tall

Doll's House Fairies are 3”

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