Vintage clothes, sapphire Swarovsky necklace, brown straight hair, silver wings

Classic Christmas Fairy. Also comes in white silk skirt or white lace skirt, gold or silver wings

Christmas fairy in antique lace and tinsel circlet on head, silver or gold wings

Peacock blue silk skirt, gold wings and peacock feather fascinator

Bridesmaid fairy with white silk skirt (made from excess fabric from the bride's dress), bouquet and flowery circlet on head

Gardening fairy with Liberty Tana Lawn skirt and curly brown hair

Seashell fairy with seaweed and lichen bodice, shells on lace skirt and red curly hair

Valentine fairy with black lace petticoat, lacy tights beneath, red silk skirt and rose in hand

Rastafairyanne fairy, with dreadlocks and silver tinsel headress and tulle skirt

Punk fairy with bottle top fascinator on head, black tulle skirt and Doc Marten boots

Rose fairy with flowers on head, pink silk bodice and underskirt with lace skirt on top

Red letter day fairy, with feather fascinator, red silk skirt and bodice edging to match

Country fairy with Liberty Tana Lawn skirt and gumboots (optional)

Party fairy in black and purple

Doll's House Fairies
Doll's House Fairies

Doll's House Fairies are 3” tall

A box full of fairies ready to go!